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Friday, March 31, 2006

Neil Kinnock - Welsh Anti-English/England Bigot

The Treasury conference "The Values of Britishness" on 28th November 2005 saw Scottish and Welsh and other speakers all explaining and defending their interests.

But nobody spoke up for England and the English.

Then Mr Kinnock spoke - bringing the conference's not-terribly-well-hidden agenda right out into the open:

"I am pro-Britain in everything I do. I always support Britain. I support the British Lions on every occasion. I support any and every Welsh team on every occasion. And I support any and every team on every occasion when they are playing against England."

Roars of approving laughter here.

England's tax payers provided most of the funding for this grotesque thrash - which amounted to a declaration of hostility to England from the no-mandate-to-govern-England New Labour government and their "enlightened" Politically Correct hangers on.


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