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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Anti-English Employers...

It is interesting that Politically Correct employers, whilst spouting loads about respecting ethnicity and individuality will not, out of all the nationalities present in the UK, allow their staff to be "English" - whatever their origins.

Many employers in England have a policy of allowing staff to be white Scottish/white Welsh or white/British but not English on their ethnicity monitoring forms. Where does colour come into it? And as "British" is actually a blanket term for the English, Scottish and Welsh and the ethnic minority groups resident in Britain, why are the English the only component of Britishness not recognised individually?

With devolution and the increasingly unfair actions of Scottish and Welsh MPs towards the people of England, there has been an increased interest in England and Englishness from people of many different ethnicities. You do not have to be white to define yourself as English.

Many organisations believe that it is fine to discriminate against and demonise the English. They do not include the English nationality on their ethnicity monitoring forms because they believe that people who define themselves as "English" are evil racists. How's that for narrow minded stereotyping?

Take a look amongst the Scottish and Welsh sometime. But they aren't scapegoated.

Despite the actions of the "Scottish Raj" in Parliament and the breakdown of democratic rule for the people of England, many organisations are determined to suppress any mention of England or Englishness.

Politically correct? Is that another phrase for fascism?

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