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Friday, March 24, 2006

New Labour Breaks Up England - Electorate Ignored

So, Home Secretary Charles Clarke has announced that we are to have new regional police forces without the promised vote in the Commons.

This will soon be reality.

Fewer police forces, covering much larger areas. Sounds dreadful to us. But nobody asked us.

Despite concern and opposition from the police and the public, the first mergers will soon begin.

All this has been rushed through. There are many concerns about it. A few bleatings have even been heard from the Opposition - which means things must be bad.

But the Government is determined to force regionalisation onto England, despite the North East's massive "No" vote, despite the fact that no other area has been allowed to venture an opinion.

"Regionalisation by stealth" it has been called. Surely not? New Labour are more like a herd of rogue elephants, crashing around, trampling all over us, denying us a voice and determined to have their own way. Perhaps they believe that if they rush this through early in their current reign, there will be plenty of time to sweeten us up before the next General Election?Some hopes.

Our police forces today... our counties tomorrow?

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