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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vince Cable - Lazy-Minded MP, Repeats Old Claptrap About The Poll Tax...

Vince Cable - Liberal Democrat MP

It always galls us to stand up for Margaret Thatcher on this blog. But when lazy-minded politicians like Vince Cable roll out old untruths, word for word, well, we really have to say something!

Momentum built up in the Eighties, especially when Mrs Thatcher made Scots the guinea pigs for the Poll Tax

Poll Tax "Guinea pigs"? Not again?! Thatcher didn't make Scots "guinea pigs" for the Tax. George Younger, Scottish Secretary of State, asked for the Tax a year early in Scotland because he didn't think the Scots should have to wait for the English!

Read more here.

Several of us involved with this blog were actually members of English "STOP THE POLL TAX" campaigns from 1988 onwards - and costly preparations were well underway for the planned introduction of the Tax in England and Wales in 1990.

Now, surely, if the Scots were to be used as "guinea pigs" for the Poll Tax, the preparations in England and Wales would have been put on hold, and surely it would take rather more than one year to prove the Tax's worth or otherwise? Wouldn't there be various wrinkles to be ironed out? Wouldn't introducing the Tax in Scotland in 1989 and holding off on any decision regarding England and Wales until around 1992 have been more logical if the "guinea pig" scenario was true?

Vince Cable's Daily Mail article is a very shoddy piece of writing. Simply recycling old claptrap is a bore.

And England comes nowhere in Mr Cable's deliberations, as usual.

Indeed, at the end of the article, there is a list of relevant people and places:

Alex Salmond,
Gordon Brown,
Vince Cable,
David Cameron,
Fred Goodwin
Northern Ireland,
United Kingdom
Scottish Parliament

But no sign of England.

Of course.

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