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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scotland The Brave - Jingoistic Scottish Session On BBC Radio 1...

It is my grave misfortune to hear BBC Radio 1 once a week. Not my choice. During my weekly "treats", I've heard Edith Bowman twittering on about Scotland and the "bagpipes" - whilst never once referring to England. I've heard brain-dead DJs twittering on about the thrill of having jelly beans in the studio. I've heard many re-hashes of 1980s songs, and (post) modern songs that sound like they're straight from the 1960s and even, occasionally (God help us) the 1970s.

And today I heard Scotland The Brave played on the bagpipes.

With all its current biased Scots content, the BBC needs to drop the first "B" and replace it with an "S".

It could stand for "Scottish" or it could stand for "Shit".

Either would be appropriate.

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