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Sunday, July 20, 2008


I'm thinking of ending this blog.

I'm sick to bloody death of the namby pamby attitude of the likes of the CEP.

I'm sick to bloody death of the way certain English bloggers pander to Scots and Welsh racists by backing the myths that they are "Celts" and that their nations are "Celtic". So, you mean WHITE do you? - because that's what Celts are/were.

England has still got its head stuck up its own arse.

We're going nowhere.



  1. Don't stop the blog! Closedown is an excellent post. Please do more like it.Why do certain Scotch and Welch assume a moral superiority over the English because other European tribes, Angles, Saxons and so on moved to Britain later? Why don't the English look down on Vikings or other elements that constitute the only "mongrel" nation of the union? I nearly stopped my blog but thankfully wiser heads told me to carry on.

  2. I sympathise with your sentiments. I’ve now come to view blogging as so much temporal masturbation, something we are all guilty of to some degree. I consider that the line of fair comment and debate being able to make a difference, was crossed quite a while ago. We are entering an era of totalitarianism unimaginable in our wildest nightmares.

  3. Please don't close down, because every english blog that closes is another voice lost to the cause, and that cause is the establishment of an English parliamen with or without the union.

    Maybe I don't altogether agree with the CEP - but it is a voice that is focussed on one thing only - that is the English Parliament; and as for the politics lets leave that the English people themselves when they get a voice - and they will eventually get their voices heard.

    Nil carborandum bastardis - or something like it was what we always said in the army - and if we allow our frustration to build to such a pitch that we want to give it all away - then the bastards have ground us down.

    So please, continue with your excellent blog, and I promise to stop being a lurker and let you know more often how inspiring I find your blog.