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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Celts Were White, Thatcher Was Yonks Ago, There's No Excuse...

After my last post, I've been putting my views in order, trying to sort out what it is that's pissing me off...

Here we go...

1) Suggestions around the blogosphere that the Scots had a bloody awful time under Thatcher, so somehow health apartheid, the West Lothian Question, etc are justified. Well, I think Thatcher was a cow - but the fact is it doesn't matter - the 1980s were such bloody yonks ago it doesn't matter if she was twenty cows - and there was such an uproar then I don't know quite what went on or how the Scots were affected. I do know that the 1970s were no bowl of cherries at the time, and that harping on about how the "70s were great" and the "80s were evil" really pisses me off.

And, whatever happened, it's no justification for now. We never had health apartheid then.

2) The "Celtic" thing: many English bloggers are keen on calling the Scots, Welsh and sometimes the "Cornish" "Celts". That's crap. There's doubt that the Celts ever actually got here en masse, but, even if they did, to suggest that certain UK nations are white and ethnically pure is bloody racist. I also abhor the way some Scots, Welsh and "Cornish" bloggers use the "Celtic" crap to try and gang up against the English and to proclaim themselves longer standing inhabitants of this island and to suggest they have more "right" here. It's racism, pure and simple. The "Celt" thing needs challenging.

It's no better than the BNP.

3) It pisses me off that the so-called "Union" is considered so important by the likes of the CEP. People at the bottom of the economic heap in England are having a particularly bad time, we're the ones must affected by the UK Government's anti-English stance. Stuff the "Union"!!

4) Boiling under... CCTV cameras, the DNA Database, Community Police Officers, apathetic smug twats all around me, the BBC, Radio One - more vapid than it was in the Simon Bates era, Radio Two - more vapid than in the Jimmy Young era, people watching TV soaps with sick story lines to get their jollies, people watching Big Brother to get their jollies...

I've just had a gutful. I don't think this blog is going any where, I don't think the campaign to gain parity for England is going anywhere, and I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall.


1 comment:

  1. I know where you're coming from with your points there - you're right on target.

    I've had enough of all that shit too.

    Blogs don't have to go anywhere - but they do have an effect. Even if the only effect is to let someone else know that there is someone else who feels the same way about things.

    My view is that everything counts. Don't give it up after so long and so many posts I think you'd regret it.

    Every little helps ;)