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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Our First Celtgelt!

We came across our first "CELTGELT" £20.00 note today - the small scrawl appears to say "All for Scotland".



Adam Smith's achievements regarding the division of labour in pin manufacturing were not English achievements and neither he nor any other Scot belongs on English bank notes. Scotland has its own bank notes and celebrates its own luminaries.

Remember that England subsidises Scotland via the Barnett Formula.

Remember that you can die in England for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland.

Remember that unaccountable Scots MPs are in a position to dictate to the people of England - and have on several occasions, overturning the votes of our own MPs to impose Top Up Fees and Foundation Hospitals on us, whilst Scotland will be having neither.

It is time for a people's protest in England. We cannot continue to be dominated and dictated to by Scotland.

Remember "CELTGELT" - you know it makes sense!

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