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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The BBC Cuts References To The Origins Of The English Language From Terry & June DVD?!

An e-mail from Sylv from Salford!

I've just been watching an official BBC DVD release of the 1980s comedy series "Terry & June" - series 6, from 1983. In one episode of this series, the characters visit France. I am convinced that in the original episode, repeated a few years ago on UK Gold, the character of Terry commented on English being "our" language, eg, created in England, but in the BBC DVD version I can find no trace of this comment. Is the BBC editing it out as it cites England as the source of the English language? Sorry if it all sound trivial and silly, but I am closely studying the BBC's treatment of England, as opposed to Scotland and Wales, and would appreciate it if you could put my query to your readers.

Don't know, Sylv - it's been years since I watched Terry & June (1979-1987, RIP). But if anybody does know if Auntie has been in the knife box, splicing out anything that might give people in England a small flush of pride/sense of history, then please let me know...

Memories! Nice Terry & June blurb -