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Thursday, February 22, 2007

James Paice - The Reply...

At last Drew and Fiona have heard from South East Cambs MP James Paice on the subject of Frank Field's Early Day Motion 670.

The letter is below, with some comments from Drew and Fiona inserted in red:

Thank you for your letter regarding the Early Day Motion referring to opinion polls on the proposal for an English Parliament.

I appreciate your concerns about the impact of current constitutional arrangements which leads some people to the assumption that England is not properly represented
[ Are you saying, with the Barnett Formula, West Lothian Question, NHS discrimination and non-representative MPs, that England IS properly represented, Mr Paice?], but I do not believe that regional assemblies or an English Parliament is the answer [ But English votes on English matters is unworkable].

The creation of an English Parliament would create another costly tier of politicians with an additional layer of bureaucracy that I do not believe that people in England want [ But the UK Government would have to be vastly reduced. Surely this comment is nonsense - quoted from the Conservative Book of Old Cobblers?]

Such a move would also move us towards a federal state which would cause instability due to the disproportionate size of the constituent parts that make up the United Kingdom [So, it's all right for citizens in England to be treated as second rate because of the country's size? Also, a federal UK could work very well. Surely the continuation of the Union should not be placed above the interests and needs of people in England?].

Chris says: Sadly, Mr Paice seems to be one of those head in the sands MPs, happy to sacrifice you, me and everybody else for the good of the Union. A real British gent, no less.

Sod you, dears - if the NHS won't cough up for medication available on the NHS in Scotland, who cares? I certainly don't. I don't use the NHS. And democracy for plebs? Not an issue, I'm afraid.

Chortle, chortle.

Distressing attitude.

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