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Sunday, February 11, 2007

All Bow Down: Tony Blair: "The UK - and the world - owe a huge amount to Scottish genius, vision and hard work..."

The headline quote is Tony Blair speaking in Scotland. So, apparently, a major reason why Scots are treated as an elite in the UK is because Scotsman Tony Blair believes that they ARE an elite. That's why their MPs vote on England's legislation. That's why you can die in England for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland. That's why English pensioners must sell their homes for care when it's free in Scotland.

Scottish genius? What IS Scottish? Any need for DNA testing? Any hint of ridicule? No. Tony Blair is a sick Little Scotlander.

Article here, and you can text him your questions (although I believe that facility is primarily for Scots):


Sue Campbell

I can hardly believe he said that. And the rest of the article is just as sick. I know he wants to look after his party's chances, but did he have to appeal to that sick "Scottish Nazi superior race" mentality? It sounds like all the good stuff is a one-way thing, flowing from Scotland outwards.

I reply:

I think he genuinely believes it, Sue. He is boosting the arrogant, racist "Little Scotlander" whilst also trying to snuff out the hopes of the SNP. The rest of us are just UK assorted rabble. The great unwashed. If an English person had said similar to Blair about England and the English, the screams of "Little Englander!" and "racist!" would resound from now till decade's end.

And Blair would be one of the people joining the chant. Sick man. Twisted politician.


Greg from Cumbria

All hail the mighty Scots! Great. And Gordon Brown calls English acheivements "British". We cannot let these arrogant nutcases continue to run the show.

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