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Saturday, August 05, 2006

National Archive jumps on the Anti-English Bandwagon...

Via Gareth comes the worrying news that the condition afflicting most Government departments has now spread to the National Archive. Yep, the Archive, which is apparently supposed to cover "England, Wales and the United Kingdom" (what kind of nonsensical poop is that?!) has attributed the Domesday Book, which was a venture covering only England, to Britain.

I've written 'em this, and will keep you informed of any replies...

Your banner proclaiming the Domesday Book as "Britain's greatest treasure" is inaccurate and offensive.

Anybody with any knowledge of English history (pre-Britain) knows that the Domesday Book related only to England.

So your banner is offensive to:

A) The Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish - as you proclaim that the greatest treasure in BRITAIN is an English venture.

B) English people - to whom it may seem that you are ignoring the existence of their country.

Personally, I am tired of these kinds of errors, the way that England is airbrushed out of existence, and the anti-English Government agenda, which cuts across all areas of life.

I shall not be reading further.

It is worrying that Government departments concerned with presenting and preserving artifacts from our long history appear to be prepared to sacrifice historical accuracy to jump on the Government's racist, anti-English bandwagon.

Gareth has more
here and here.

UPDATE - 7/8/2006

In the midst of a busy day I spared the time to check my e-mails and see if the National Archive had replied to my e-mail above. Not a sausage. How do they justify that? Their banner was inaccurate, my e-mail was reasonable, and they are supposed to serve the public.

Except when we mention England, apparently.

Oh well - there's always tomorrow.

Anybody else had a reply?

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