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Saturday, August 12, 2006

BBC Mangles Islamic Extremist Truth - But Sticks The Boot Into The English...

From BBC online...

A few years ago, anti-English racist Jack Straw slagged us off on the BBC, calling us "violent" and accusing us of "subjugating" the other UK nations (William Hague was simply a bore). The unbiased BBC saw fit to provide a picture of "typical" Englishmen as a background for the article's illustration. Straw remains committed to the oppression of the people of England by the British State, and wastes no opportunity to tell lies about England's history, presenting the country in the worst light possible. Mr Straw also specialises in twisting the facts regarding devolution.

Whilst having no respect for those who identify themselves as English, the BBC will go to absurd lengths, misrepresenting and mangling the news, to appease certain groups in the UK.

President Bush: "This nation [the USA] is at war with Islamic fascists".

The BBC, reporting this statement, removed "Islamic" and altered the wording to "extremists" - because, of course, it is not Politically Correct to offend Islamic fascists. There's more about Auntie and her sick mangling of the facts on Drinking From Home -
here and here.

There is one group of people, of course, that the BBC does not care a jot about offending - or spreading hate-filled lies about.

Yes, it's the English.

The BBC views the English as the pits of the UK, and no slur is too low for them to report when it comes to us.

this little gem from anti-English bigot Jack Straw, part of NuLabour's liberal elite?

Cross-party politicians have warned of growing English nationalism following devolution, airing their views in a BBC programme.

Home Secretary Jack Straw says the English had used their "propensity to violence to subjugate Ireland, Wales and Scotland" on the Radio 4 programme Brits. The broadcast is examining what it now means to be British.

Mr Straw will describe the English as "potentially very aggressive, very violent" and will "increasingly articulate their Englishness following devolution."

Straw positively ranted about the English, what he said is inaccurate, offensive and bigoted, but Auntie Beeb happily reported it. No words were tweaked to protect our feelings.

And it seems that Auntie is quite happy to be racist again - exchanging the word "Muslim" for "Asian" in one instance - in its determination to keep the words "Muslim extremists" or, heaven forbid, "Muslim terrorists" out of the news.

I have the greatest sympathy with ordinary, everyday British Muslims, worried about the situation here. But Auntie tampering with the news is just plain wrong.

Just as the organisation's bigoted and irrational hatred of the English is just plain wrong.

The BBC is the arsehole of British broadcasting. It stinks.


Sue Campbell...

Auntie Beeb recently made a series casting doubt on Christianity - the series was made by a Muslim. This is... what?... 3% of the population?

I am a Christian. England was a Christian country for many years. It is part of our history. The BBC are so hypocritical to disregard the feelings of Christians. No equivalent series will be made on the Muslim faith.

Trouble is Auntie constantly crawls to this single, tiny minority, whilst treating the rest of us like crap, and this makes me feel very negative. Not towards individual Muslims. But I'd like to display some of my "violent" Englishness, as the Bigot Straw puts it, and smash a few windows at the BBC's Broadcasting House.

They force us to pay them so that they can denigrate us and look down their noses at us.

It's not just the BBC which stinks, Chris - the whole bloody country does - from the Scottish Raj to Muslim groups writing letters to Scottish Bigot Blair asking that foreign policy be changed so that we won't be blown up by their fellow Muslims.

The country's in a heck of a mess.

Hmmm... don't get too down, gal. I always find a hot, sweet cuppa and a look at this daft 80s blog helps...

Failing that... CHOCOLATE - LOTS OF IT!

Trouble is, we're not listened to. We're helpless.


Greg from Cumbria...

I always have to laugh when Jack Straw tries to make out that English MPs are still in charge in England and of the funding formula for Scotland. Of course, he never mentions how much higher public spending in Scotland is - or foundation hospitals or top up fees in England and the role Scottish MPs had in imposing them on us!

What a liar and spin master the Strawman is.

Does anybody know why he hates England so much?

UPDATE 2 - 13/8/2006

Slyv from Salford...

The BBC regards those defining themselves as English as the great unwashed. It is an organisation steeped in snobbery, an elite and illogical bunch of idiots, undermining stability and good feelings about this country (heard them on the subject of the British Empire?) and brown necking extremists.

And as for Jack Straw - don't get me started!

I remember the speech he gave to the Hansard Society (I posted on it here). Did the audience just take the nonsense he spouted? Was there a question and answer session afterwards? Was his tosh rejected?

Sue Campbell again...

The BBC is not fit for purpose. It is funded mostly by money from England, but actively attacks the English and pours hated on the concept of England at every opportunity, whilst also encouraging terrorists with mealy mouthed crap.

We should not have to fund the BBC. It is the enemy of every single person living in England today, breaking down our unity, pouring scorn on our history and encouraging hatred against England and the English amongst recent arrivals.

Of course, the BBC treats Scotland and Wales very differently. Perhaps a lot of Auntie's anti-English bigotry stems from those two countries?

Unfortunately, those countries provide only a tiny amount of the Beeb's funding!

The BBC should be working for England too, not pursuing its own bizarre, racist agenda.

I agree, Sue - the BBC does not serve England's interests, quite the reverse. But the organisation is in the Government's pocket and it is dictated that we have to pay the fee. I don't watch any modern TV - only DVDs, but I STILL have to pay the licence fee.



Channel Five weather is at it now - referring to "nations and regions"...

"We'll look at the nations first, then we'll do the regions".

Nations and regions are such a bizarre concept outside the Scottish Raj's mindset. Look at the huge display of Cross of St George flags recently displayed by people who know that England is a nation. Are there backhanders going on? I don't understand it...

Channel 5 stinks to high heaven anyway. But in these days of NuLabour quangrocracy, I think it's a fair bet there's some government influence here.

You're right - "nations and regions" is a bizarre Scottish Rajist concept, fresh from Gordon Brown's finest select cuts of crap, and for Channel 5 to be attempting to brainwash its viewer (s) into believing in them smells mighty fishy...

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