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Monday, August 24, 2009

The English Hating Jack Straw - What He Thinks Of England - Never Forget...

Anti-English bigot Jack Straw declares that the English are the violent and oppressive scourge of the UK .

Back in 2000, Jack Straw, now "Justice Secretary" let rip with a history-rewriting anti-English rant at the BBC:

Speaking in the BBC Radio 4 documentary, Brits, Mr Straw will say that the English used their propensity to violence, "in Europe and with our empire".

"I think what you have within the UK is three small nations who've been over the centuries under the cosh of the English," he tells the programme.

"Those small nations have inevitably sought expression by a very explicit idea of nationhood."

Absolute Anglophobic cobblers.

Don't forget.

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