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Monday, July 07, 2014

Tour de France In Cambridge - City Council Out Of Touch With Poor People's Basic Need - To Get To Work

Cambridge City Council has scored high with its usual "let them eat cake" attitude to local people by allowing the Tour de France to pass through the City Centre today. And closing various roads on a Monday. A busy work day. And with certain Cambridge City Centre businesses (including Boots the Chemists in Petty Cury and Sidney Street) promising "Zero Tolerance" for any employees who can't make it to work, or are simply late due to the disruption, we seem to be lurching back towards serfdom.

Great, eh?

The City Council - or indeed the UK Government - should have no remit to curtail the rights of ordinary people to use the roads on such frivolous grounds.

And can you imagine if the event had been English rather than French (or "British")? The City Council would have refused permission to close roads, and made polite excuses, the inference being that the supporters were simply knuckle dragging racists.

We were are ruled by the great Imperial UK Parliament. Our needs really do not count.

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