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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Your Toddlers Are Next...

Don't Smoke. Well, fair enough, but you can't even smoke IN THE GROUNDS of our local hospital, Addenbrooke's, in Cambridge. People are often stressed when they are in hospital. Isn't it inhumane not to allow smoking, at least outside?

Don't fall asleep in your car in a car park - up to £500 fine - notice in a car park in Napier Street, Cambridge. Get driver's fatigue instead (that dire phrase of the 70s and 80s) and end up wrapped round a lamp post.

Don't be racist - we are multi-cultural - however white Scots and white Welsh people are allowed to call themselves "Celts" and their nations "Celtic". The notion of "pure Celts" is ludicrous and highly racist, yet it's never challenged. The Celts are a long defunct (and all white) tribe - and it's not even certain they got here en masse.

In England, apparently three-year-olds who say "Yuk!" (shouldn't that be "yuck"?!) to spicy foreign foods are to be reported as racists according to the National Children's Bureau, yet another Government agency which is squandering our hard earned cash.

So, what about a Muslim child who says "Yuck!" to a full English breakfast? An Italian child who thinks fish n' chips smell foul? A Chinese child who slags off the traditional Sunday roast? Are they to be reported as racists so that their parents can be swooped on and the child "retrained"?

This Nanny State business is heading for full loopy dictatorship status.

And it's so anti-English. That's not surprising though when you look at the big fat bigoted beastie in charge.

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