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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cambridgeshire Horizons - more Government-Backed Evil...

Creepy... came across this article in the local paper - the Cambridge Evening News...

The subject is a local airfield, called Marshall's, which separates Cambridge from one of the local villages and provides welcome employment and a large area of green.

But, according to a new report, Marshall's should move...

The report has been spearheaded by Cambridgeshire Horizons, the group responsible for driving the delivery of more than 47,000 homes in the region by 2016. The report's aim is to provide an impartial assessment which can be used to inform decision-making regarding a relocation by Marshall Aerospace.

The study stops short of recommending a single best option - the final decision is for the company to make. Local authorities, the Government office and the East of England Development Agency have all received copies of the report.

The Cambridge Evening News refers to Cambridgeshire as a "region". Er, it's a county. An ancient one at that. Nobody in England has ever voted in favour of regionalisation, quite the reverse, and even with the undemocratic, non-elected regional assemblies in place, Cambridgeshire still does not a constitute a region.

Remember the good old days, just a few years ago, when elected local bodies carried out consultations on plans for your locality? Now we have unelected regional assemblies and "partnership organisations" like Cambridgeshire Horizons - dedicated to "driving", yes "driving" - their word - the plans for 47,500 new homes in Cambridgeshire by the year 2016.

Although called Cambridgeshire Horizons, on its site the organisation let's the apparently friendly, historically aware facade drop, referring to the cold and clinical-sounding "Cambridge sub-region". There is no such place - only the ancient county of Cambridgeshire.

Cambridgeshire Horizons tells us how great it's all going to be, that we live in one of the most popular areas of the so-called "UK".

But wealth and development needs to be spread across England - not the UK, that is outdated - Scotland, and increasingly Wales, have their own governments and look after their own electorates.

In England, too much wealth and development is already centred on East Anglia. We now have a growing workforce working for what can only be described as slave wages - solidly against the ethos of Old Labour.

The electorate has never been consulted on these plans for 47,000 new houses.

Cambridgeshire Horizons is yet another tentacle of the government's octopus of evil, set to squeeze every last drop of democratic rule out of England.

This government and organisations like Cambridgeshire Horizons are rotten to the core. Their ethos? Give us the money and who gives a damn what the people want!

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